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Own The Whole First Page of Google..

We strive to ensure your website is listed on the top of the page up to 4 times so that most of first page listings lead to you and we can manage your pay-per-click campaign so more than one PPC listings lead to you. If you “own” all first page listings, your competition has been pushed off the bottom of the page (UN-Googled)!

SEO logoStep 1:   Award-Winning Search Engine Optimization, SEO

When Google finds your site, it will read your written content like a human. It will count the number of times every phrase occurs on each page and evaluate the structure of the whole site. It will especially note how many other sites have links pointing to yours (backlinking). If everything is done correctly, Google will list your site high on the first page, up to 4 times!

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Step 2:   Killer Search Engine Marketing, SEM

So your site has good SEO, but the search engines like Google may not know it exists. So you need a public relations campaign promoting your site to the search engines. That’s what “backlinking” achieves, by creating links on other sites that if people click on them will open your web site page.

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Step 3:   Compelling Conversion & Calls-To-Action

Ok, so you have web site that ranks high, but when people visit your site they have to be “converted” into a lead or customer. There are several proven methods that do this and many of them are on this page. How good is your conversion?

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Step 4:   Pay Per Click Domination

This is the final death blow to your competition. Their natural search results have been Un-Googled, and then we get you listed several times in PPC on the top of the page. Now your competition has disappeared!

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Download The Competition’s Web Site SEO Keywords

If you can’t beat the competition, copy them! We have software that will analyze your competition’s web site and determine which keywords and phrases they considered important to rank high. Incorporate these keywords into your site as part of your search engine optimization.

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PR5-PR9 Backlinking Campaign

Backlinks and SEO are the two top factors that decide how high you rank on Google. Backlinks are links placed on other websites that lead viewers to your website. The more backlinks that point back to your site from good quality web sites (high PR) that are relevant to your web site, the better your rankings.

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Leveraged Blogs & Article Submission

Well composed blogs and articles that relate to your industry and have backlinks to your site will help promote your site to the top of Google. But they are also listed by Google when people search for your business, and since they use up one of the listing positions on the first page, they have helped Un-Google your competition by pushing them off the page. They are also used to push down negative reviews about your business (Reputation Management).

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Competition Obliterating Geographic Targeting

This is our secret weapon with shocking power. It ensures that when someone searches for something but they include a “location” word like a city or county, then your site will dominate search results with multiple listings for that location. It has the power to make a poorly performing web site UN-Google a nationally dominating site!

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Our Internet Marketing Service

The ultimate objective of internet marketing is for your web site pages to occupy #1-#4 natural search listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube or any other search engine. If your site can only occupy one of these positions, that’s quite good if you are in a market that gets a lot of internet marketing dollars allocated to it. Some industries are relatively uncompetitive when it comes to internet marketing and we usually achieve all 4 top natural search results in those industries.

Contact us to give you an analysis of the internet marketing prowess in your industry and a quote for getting your web site to dominate search results. If you have a newish domain name (<5 yrs old), we may help you with a pay per click campaign until the internet marketing efforts have time to take effect (2-9 months usually).

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Service

Every month spiders (online programs) from search engines like Google visit your site to read and count all the words (“index”) on all the pages. If your web site is not easily readable by the spiders or you have too few words or the wrong concentration of the search words that you hope people use to find you, then your site will never rank high on the first page. Our search engine optimization SEO rewrites all the on-screen and behind the screen words, ads links to all secondary, tertiary pages etc. Good SEO actually involves about two hundred more things, but we can easily tell you by looking at your current site what will be required. Contact us for our search engine optimization service.

Web Site Design / Development Service

Let’s assume that your web site ranks high for the correct terms in the search engines. You might find that once visitors land on your site, they leave right away without contacting you or buying anything (i.e., the site does not “convert”). Our web site design service will investigate why your web site is not converting and give you recommendations about ideal calls-to-action and their placement. Any good web site design will incorporate heat map studies that know where people’s eyes gravitate when landing on a page. Contact us for a free web site design consultation.

Search Engine Marketing Service

Until a few years ago, good SEO was sufficient to rank high on the first page of Google. But Google moves the goal posts all the time because the way people behave on line changes all the time. So today it has become to get good search engine marketing (SEM) in addition to good SEO. As the name suggests, search engine marketing is a publicity campaign that promotes the importance of your site to the various search engines. Good search engine marketing would include getting one-way backlinks from other sites that “recommend” your site but there are other creative search engine marketing methods that involve blogging, article writing, press releases, and YouTube videos. Contact us to see how we can improve your SEM.

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