What is “internet marketing” and do you really need an internet marketing company?

Internet marketing is simply making something “findable” online. It could be your plumbing service, your weight loss products, your reputation or your opinions. Internet marketing is basically advertising online and our Tampa internet marketing company can help you with all aspects relating to internet marketing.

If you are an old fashioned business owner you used to place an ad in the yellow pages ($5,000 per month for a 4″x6″ ad), send direct mail to homes ($4,500 per 10,000 cards per month), insert ads in mailbox coupon flyers ($1,000 per month) etc. Depending on your industry, you are probably out of business, and that’s because people hate junk mail and look online for their stuff. And that trend is increasing with each and every gadget like smart phones, I-pads, e-book readers, that can go online.

Most people who are even a little computer savvy have found the internet is a faster and more comprehensive place to find the information they are looking for. It is estimated 80% of all searches for goods and services originate online. So internet marketing is the art of making your offerings visible to the correct people at the lowest cost. There are several ways to do this, here are just a few:

  1. Build a good web site that will be found online when people search for your services: If you pay a lot of money upfront ($5k-$10k) to the CORRECT internet marketing company, they will build you a website that the search engines like Google will list on the first page of the search results, which will lead to clicks going to your site for free later. This type of web site has good “search engine optimization (SEO)” allowing the search engines to understand “what the site is about”. Also, the site will be designed to make people contact you (“convert”) once they land on it. Check out our internet marketing home page and see how many times we “ask you to act”.
  2. Build a cheap web site and pay for clicks when people search for your services – cheap up front, expensive for clicks later: There are plenty of web site templates online that allow you to build your own web site. That’s OK if you are just using the site like a brochure where you have to tell people where to look to find you, like on your business cards or on postcards say. You can be guaranteed the search engines won’t find your site because you have not added any search engine optimization. So if you can’t be found online where 80% of people look, your business will fail. An easy way to get around this is to launch your own pay per click campaign (PPC), where the search engines purposefully list your site on at the top, side or bottom of the page, and each time someone clicks on that link to your site, Google charges you say $3 for that click. Our Tampa internet marketing company can help you manage your PPC campaign if you need.
  3. List your services on web sites like craigslist: this is actually quite a good strategy if you don’t mind being the cheapest service provider in town and don’t mind getting only local leads. Craigslist surfers are looking for the cheapest possible deal though, so you can’t charge much plus you’ll get stiffed a LOT!

So internet marketing is a way for you to try show people looking online what you have to offer. Whether you actually reach them or not is another question. Our Tampa internet marketing company helps people nationwide with their web site transformations.

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