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Backlinking involves creating “links” or “threads” on other web sites that lead to your web site if they get clicked on. Here’s an example of a backlink that leads to another web site if you click on it, just come right back OK! Weight loss.

Why Is Backlinking So Important?

Backlinking is probably the most important think you can do to rank high on the search engines. Back-linking may actually be more important than search engine optimization. In fact, some terrible web sites rank top of first page on Google without any SEO! (example below)

Google sees backlinks as “referrals” or “recommendations”. Of course a referral from a convicted felon is not as good in quality as a referral from say a minister. Google works the same way, and backlinks from good quality sites count more than than poor sites.

Backlinks From Good Quality (High Page Rank, PR) Sites

Good quality web sites have what’s called high page rank. Page rank (PR) can range from 0-10. We strive to get your site as many PR5-PR9 backlinks. It is also natural in any backlinking campaign to have a few quality outbound links to related sites.

Critical Guidelines For Good Backlinking

Here is a list of ideal things you want in your backlinking campaign (usually not all are achievable):

  1. Backlinks must be from sites that are relevant to your site. These backlinks “count more” than those from irrelevant sites
  2. Backlinks should increase in number slowly. If you hire a backlinking “hack” that gets you 1,000 backlinks in 2 weeks, Google will discount them as they seem “unnatural”
  3. Backlinks should be structured so that they contain the keyword or phrase that the web page it is pointing to is targeting in the SEO. For example, let your cursor hover over this backlink (don’t click, just hover) Weight loss.. You’ll notice the word “weight loss clinics” pop up, which the term that being targeted on that specific page on that web site
  4. Backlinks should be one-way: one common way to build many backlinks is to contact appropriate web sites and offer them a link from your site in return for a link from their site (this is called “link exchanging” or “link reciprocation” or “reciprocal linking” etc). Two way backlinking like this are discounted by Google, although the extent of the discount is not quite known
  5. Backlinks from sites with 100′s of outbound links (OBL) are not as good “quality” as links from sites with only a few outbound links. Google recognizes that there are “link farm”, or sites purposefully set up to host outbound links
  6. Backlinks must be “sticky”..if they disappear off of the host site after a month then they are no good. Backlinks must stick around
  7. Just like search engine optimization is a profession in itself, backlinking has become a profession best left to the professionals
  8. Higher page rank links count more as discussed above

PROOF Of Web Site Without Any SEO, But Many Backlinks, Ranking Tops On Google!

Top Of 1st Page Of Google WITHOUT Search Engine Optimization - Backlinking only!

PROOF That This Top Ranking Site Has NO Search Engine Optimization

Even Sites Without SEO Can Rank Tops On Google If They Have Many Good Quality Backlinks

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