Blogs Are Essential To Get Your Site To 1st Page of Google

What Are Blogs?

A blog is essentially a short article you write for free on one of millions of web sites. Anyone can read them if they can find them, and the more people visit that web site where the blog is written, or the more people read the blog, the more Google will promote that blog to the top of the search engine results page (SERPs).

Now if you include in the written content of the blog a backlink to your site (a link, that if clicked on will open up your company’s web site) like this one (weight loss), then more people will visit your web site. The more traffic your site gets, the higher in Google it will rank.

More importantly however, is that Google sees the backlink to your web site coming from another web site where the blog is written, and thinks of this as a “reference” or “referral” by someone else and will rank your web site higher as a result.

Why Is Blogging So Important To Google Domination?

Let’s say you have a few blogs that rank very high in the search engine results for a specific search phrase your customers use. Here’s what happens next:

  1. your competition’s site gets pushed down or off the page
  2. people reading your blogs click on the embedded backlinks going to your site
  3. your site gets more traffic and longer duration of visits which promotes your site
  4. since blogs can be educational, you have the opportunity to influence the phrases that people use to search for your products and services (then build individual pages around these phrases on your web site)
  5. ultimately your web site’s pages and the blogs leading to your web site take up the whole first page!!

How Often Should You Blog?

Most large corporations with in house web professionals write 2-3 blogs per week, but if you write 1 a month Google will consider your site to be “dynamic” and “fresh” and will rank it higher.

Critical Elements Of A Good Blog

  1. Minimum of 250 words
  2. Story should be useful to the reader, not garbage generated for $5 in the Far East.
  3. Pick 1-2 keyword phrases two focus on and include them the correct number of times in the blog (sorry, can’t tell you this, we have to make a living too:))
  4. Include 1-2 backlinks to the site you are promoting, one in the middle and one at the end of the article
  5. Include the author and their web site in the correct form submission fields
  6. Don’t cut and paste this blog on multiple other sites, it will be discounted by Google as duplicate content

Google Sees Blogs As “Fresh” and Relevant Information

If you had a 1 year old web site page that ranks high on Google for a certain search phrase, but someone writes a blog today about the same search phrase, there is a great chance your web site page will be pushed down the search results page, or possibly even off the page where nobody looks!

This can be used in many ways:

  • Create multiple first page listings leading to your site
  • Push the competition’s listings off the first page (“UN-Googled”)
  • Reputation Management: If your company has had bad reviews, push them off the first page using higher ranking blogs

Blogging Can Help Push Down Bad Reviews And UN-Google Your Competition's Listings!

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