Don’t Read This

The Ramifications Below Will Not Let You Sleep Tonight

Do this exercise for your industry -

Estimate of the Philadelphia plumbing service market value per year  = $25MM

On average, 80% of all product or service searches originate online    = $20MM

Google gets about 75% of those searches                                                 = $15MM

90% of all clicks occur 1st page of Google before scrolling down          = $13.5MM

Natural search results get 75% of those clicks                                           = $10MM

There is usually only room for about 4 natural search results before scrolling down, so each search result controls $2.5MM worth of leads!

We don’t just strive to get one natural result for your site, we get the most Google will show: 4!

These 4 Natural Search Result Positions On Google Control The Leads To Almost 50% Of Your Entire Market!

This is the best case scenario and applies to markets that are less competitive online. More competitive industries like plastic surgery, legal and weight loss would be more difficult to do with one domain name. Of course, nobody could stop you from having multiple web sites!

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