Geographic Targeting Hijacks Competitor Leads And Sends Them To You!

Imagine someone Googles your product or service but their search phrase includes any one of hundreds of towns or counties in their state. Let’s use the example phrase “Massachusetts pipe lining company”

Now imagine your site was always listed in the 2-4 top page results in Google like this:

Google Domination By Geographic Targeting

That is the power of geographic targeting. It can de-base, push down or un-Google the largest most entrenched web site listings and allow you to gobble up those leads.

Some industries are very difficult to compete in for top ranking positions, so we always test a couple of cities before hand to ensure we can help you.

Is Geographic Targeting Expensive?

The answer is NO. Not relative to the business you generate from monopolizing the leads for your industry for an entire state anyway.

Lets say there are 500 Florida cities and county names you wish to dominate in Google. For each one of those names we have to write a unique page, containing the same message but a unique number of words, unique sentences, unique titles, unique headings, unique metatags and unique descriptions. Our system can generate 3-4 such unique city pages per city.

So for 500 locations, we generate up to 4 unique pages per location (2,000 pages total), and those 4 listings usually show up at the top of Google for any searches including that location name within 24 hrs.

It usually takes 1 week for us to set up a geographic targeting campaign, but when launched the pages dominate within 24 hours.

The Geographic Targeting Location and Keyword Phrase Combinations Are Mind Boggeling

Here is an example of a successful geographic targeting campaign. There were 500 cities and counties in the list, and around 50 selected phrases for which the web site had to dominate Google. So the site dominates for 25,000 city-phrase combinations.

Geographic Targeting Combinations Of Cities and Keyword Phrases

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