PPC Domination

What Is Pay Per Click Advertising

If your web site does not rank high enough in the natural search results to get leads, you have the option to pay Google to appear on the first page using Pay Per Click advertising. You essentially write the “ads”  that you want to show and choose which keywords you want to trigger the display of the ad, then when someone searches for that keyword or phrase, Google lists your ad.

Then each time someone clicks on the ad linking to your site, Google charges you a few dollars. You have some control over the most you want to spend for each keyword and the daily and monthly maximum spending limits in your pay per click budget.

Don't Waste Your Time Having Your PPC Ads Showing Where No One Is Looking

Pay Per Click Advertising Can Be Complicated

Sure you may have your own campaign running, but

  • are you paying too much for your keywords?
  • are your ads showing on the page where people actually look?
  • are other sites abusing your ads for their own financial gain? (Google’s display network will list your ads on other peoples web sites who earn money when your ads gets clicked on. Some of the display network sites abuse this system just to earn income!)
  • are your ads showing at the right times of the day?

Let Us Manage Your PPC Campaign

We have various proprietary programs that will analyse your competition’s PPC campaigns to see which keywords are working and which ads perform the best. In fact, we can even download their entire list of keywords and every ad and paste that into your campaign if you wish like this:

Copy and paste your competitor's entire PPC campaign into your own

We have more sophisticated tools as well that can track the keyword that someone used to find your pay per click ad, how long they spent on each of your pages and which page led to conversion.

PPC Domination

We have proprietary white hat ways to have multiple PPC ads show for your business.

Multiple PPC Listings For Your Business

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