Researching And Downloading Competitor Keyword Phrases

Figuring out what keyword phrases people use to find the products and services you offer is crucial to your success.

Google has a great tool that will give you 800 phrases that relate to a phrase you think people will use and there are many other tools available online. But this type of bottom-up approach is very time consuming, requires quite some experience and requires that you make certain assumptions that are tainted by your own experiences and vocabulary.

We have No Problem Copying The Top Ranking Web Sites

The quickest way to get the consensus of the most successful online marketers in your industry is to spy on what they have learned. You can study their “behind-the-page” search engine optimization phrases which indicate what they think people search for. They are listed in the

  • title
  • description
  • metatags

Our Proprietary Software Can Extract Competitor’s Keywords From Their Web Sites

We Can Analyze The Keyword Strategies of The Highest Google Ranking Websites

We Can Download All The Keywords and Ads of The Best Performing Competitor Pay Per Click Campaigns

In any pay per click campaign, Google compares the keyword to the ad, and the ad to the web site page that the ad is pointing to. So by analyzing the best performing keywords and ads and pages, we can not only copy the PPC campaign, but write pages on your site that will perform equally well if not better.

Copy And Paste Your Top Competitor's Entire PPC Campaign Into Your Own

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