Search Engine Optimization, SEO

SEO is a series of critical things you do to each page on a web site so that is ranks high in the search engine page results (SERPs), where most clicks occur and thus where most money transfers hands. To see how much money is controlled by good search engine optimization, click here.

Here Are 8 Things Critical To Good Search Engine Optimization, SEO:

  1. Keyword density: Google analyzes the written content on each page of your site and counts the number of time certain words and phrases reoccur on each page. If your page is intended to rank high for the search term “weight loss clinic”, then that phrase should occur about x% of the time in the content of that page
  2. Location of keywords: there is an ideal distribution of the keyword phrase that Google loves. For example, x% in the first 250 words, then y% in the remaining text
  3. The heading of the page has to be written to target phrase families
  4. The “title”, which is part of the web site computer coding behind the scenes not visible to viewers, has to contain the correct phrase family
  5. The “meta-tags”, also behind the scenes, have to be of the correct phrase family for that specific page
  6. The “description”, also behind the scenes, has to be written in short length, telling Google who, what and how that page is about
  7. Each page should be written to target a specific phrase or phrase family
  8. Include sitemaps and other technical attributes that will make the spiders crawl the site easier and more frequently

There are a number of other critical factors involving sitemaps, navigation, content freshness etc. that are essential to good search engine optimization, SEO. But it’s a moving goal post, what was important just three years ago may have become significantly less important to Google’s ranking algorithms today.

Good SEO Is An Art

Not all factors for good search engine optimization are given equal weight by Google. It takes years of trial and error to determine what formula works well. We have numerous examples of sites that dominate Google due to our proprietary SEO methods.

SEO Has To Be Built Into The Site When It Is Originally Designed

We often have requests from customers to “fix my web site” to save on development costs. It takes more time and effort to discover which of say 20 essential SEO components are missing and to what degree and then to add them than it takes to re-build the site from scratch. Essentially each page in the web site has to get SEO-audited and repaired. It’s not worth the additional cost over redevelopment.

SEO Starts With Keyword Phrase Research

You have to build the correct percentage of the keyword phrases you think people type to find your business into your site. The problem is usually that the phrases a business owner thinks searchers use might be quite different to what searchers type in the real world. So how can you find out what people really Google when they’re looking for your products or services? The answer is shockingly simple: just ask Google, and they will give you 800 related phrases.

Shocking Revelation: Google Has The Greatest Database Of Real Search Phrases And What Sites Were Visited As A Result And To What Degree

Google has been watching and learning human online behaviour globally since 1998 and is willing to share that information with anyone who knows where to look.  Google will for example allow you to type in your competition’s web site address and Google will analyse their keyword phrases, compare those phrases to Google’s own records, and give you 800 phrases that have been used since 1998 to chose from.

But therein lies a problem. Which of the 800 phrases should you use? We can help with that!

Good “Behind the Scenes” SEO

Good behind the scenes SEO

Bad “Behind the Scenes” SEO

Bad behind the scenes seo

Good Keyword Density

Good Keyword Density - Targeted phrases occur correct number of times

Bad Keyword Density

Web site page content was written without any regard to keyword density

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