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11 Things That Make A Web Site Shockingly Bad

Here’s what makes visitors run away in horror when they get to rookie sites

  1. Can’t see the keywords for the problem they were trying to solve or product they want to buy – your site has around 3 seconds to capture the attention of the visitor. Will they immediately see the products or problems they are trying to satisfy?
  2. Green (or blue) and red on the same screen – Green and blue are on the opposite side of the color spectrum as red. The brain hates to see     green and red or      blue and red in the same field of view. Only for rookies.
  3. Clutter – too little white space is distracting and confusing. Any important message you are trying to convey will get lost in the clutter.
  4. Videos or sound that starts automatically – these seem really cool, but many studies indicate that most viewers find these distracting. It’s better to give them the option to click “play” if they want.
  5. Flash pictures that change while you are trying to read – again, very distracting. Often the most important message of the entire site or page are displayed on the irritating rotating pictures that people ignore.
  6. The face of the owner –  the owner of the business is proud of his business and web site, but remember visitors are not searching for faces, but for products, benefits and solutions. Don’t worry, your ego will be soothed by the tremendous business leads you get!
  7. Irrelevant pictures or graphics – it’s better to have no pictures than distracting irrelevant ones. Have you ever caught yourself staring at a picture on a site thinking “what does this have to do with my needs”?
  8. No navigation – the home page should have abundant links leading to other web pages on your site that discuss in depth the problems, products, benefits and needs of your visitors.
  9. Bad grammar – “nough” said.
  10. “About Us” – Your firm may have been in existence for 100 years, has 1,000 employees, a fleet of 45 trucks and is family owned and operated and so on. It turns out the visitor that lands on your site does not go to this page first, they visit pages that address their problems and solutions. How, what where, how quickly and how much is all they care about.
  11. ALL CAPS and excessive exclamation marks!!!! – ALL CAPS makes the site look home-made and excessive exclamation marks!!!! dilutes really important messages when you need to draw attention to them!!!

8  Things Your Web Site Needs To Generate Business

  • Spacious layout with the visitors needs or problems and products and solutions clearly visible.
  • Easy navigation/links to secondary pages that address those problems and solutions in detail.
  • A navigation bar along the top and/or down the left side of the page where heat map studies have shown people look mostly when they land on a page.
  • Many calls to action that solicit a phone call, web form submission containing email address, download of a free e-book, or printing a 50% coupon for example etc.
  • Good search engine optimization (SEO) – search engines like Google look at many on-page factors and behind-the-page factors to decide whether to rank your site at the top of the search results. We can re-write your content so that it contains the search phrases your customers actually use and in a way Google can understand what your site is all about.
  • Good search engine marketing (SEM) – You have to promote or lobby your web site to the search engines using many tools like blogging, article writing and backlinking. It’s like standing in front of the Google head office main entrance with a billboard saying “look at me, I’m important”.
  • Automated email marketing campaign – the calls to action mentioned above should strive to obtain the email address of visitors, who are then fed into an automated email marketing system that reminds them about your benefits say monthly.
  • Frequent new additions of related content in the form of blogs or new web pages – If you give Google the impression that you are the kind of site that has a lot of activity, that your information is kept up to date, then Google will rank your site higher.

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